When food entrepreneur Ted Wilson collaborated talents with Chef Austin Perkins and Consulting Beverage Director Ethan Terry, the Tell House was the perfect location. Nestled between the California Coastline's fishing community and West Marin's Agriculture and Dairy Communities, the Tell House is perched in Northern California's land of harvest.


Ted Wilson

Food entrepreneur and well-known brand developer, Ted Wilson successfully founded Fine & Rare, an exceptional collaboration of seafood and wine. Outside of its brick-and-mortar location, you will also find Fine & Rare popping up at markets all across the Bay Area. One of Ted ‘s recent endeavors was The Hall in San Francisco, which incorporated six different local food vendors under one roof. Most recently Ted has launched a successful catering company Metal + Match, where he has brought his philosophy of high quality ingredients with warm, comforting hospitality. When Ted is not hard at work, he is busy raising awareness around sustainable seafood through his On The Hook concept, which focuses on, mission-based pop-up dinners and networking events of like-minded food industry to further the conversation around conservation.

Ted has spent his entire professional career in the culinary and wine businesses focused on ensuring high quality, particularly in areas of sourced and sustainable ingredients. With a tremendous skill in determining daily operations flow, Ted identifies potential issues before they become problems and generally ensures that projects move forward effectively and efficiently. After spending time in several major foodie capitals including New York and San Francisco, Ted has developed a dedication in all things culinary.

Austin Perkins

Executive Chef

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A Petaluma native with a deep-set appreciation for the lush landscape of Northern California, Austin Perkins brings a thoughtful, ingredient-driven approach to cooking. Raised by a family that valued home cooking, Austin developed a passion for food at an early age. After working in few restaurants, he honed his culinary skill set under Mary Risley at Tante Marie’s Cooking School in San Francisco. Here, Austin learned the fundamentals of cooking as well as traditional French techniques that he would come to rely on in culinary roles to come.

After completing his formal training, he returned north to work at two Michelin-starred Healdsburg restaurant, Cyrus, in 2008. Looking to transition to a more casual dining atmosphere, Austin took a job as a sous chef at Nick’s Cove in Marshall, CA. After two years, he was promoted to executive chef and remained at the restaurant until 2016. Here, Austin was fully immersed in West Marin’s wealth of dairy and oyster farms and fishing communities, creating seafood-driven cuisine with local ingredients. From 2016 on, the chef struck out on his own, founding Perkins Catering Co., where he applied his knowledge of farm-fresh ingredients to creating custom menus for a variety of events throughout the Bay Area.

Today at the William Tell House, Austin draws on his experience at Nick’s Cove to create California Coastal cuisine with ingredients from local purveyors – including Drakes Bay Oyster Company, McFarland Springs, and Stemple Creek Ranch – that captures the essence of West Marin. His approachable, delicious offerings highlight fresh seafood, game, and produce sourced with an emphasis on seasonality and sustainability. For private dining and events at the Tell House, Austin draws on the catering experience gleaned from running his namesake company to create one-of-a-kind experiences.

Ethan Terry

Consulting Beverage Director

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A Midwesterner who moved to the Bay Area to pursue a degree in film, Ethan Terry found himself gravitating towards the beverage industry as San Francisco began to embrace craft cocktail culture in the early 2000’s. Beginning as a barback at what is now The Keystone, Ethan quickly climbed the ranks and within a year was promoted to bar manager. Eager to immerse himself within the City’s craft cocktail scene, Ethan partnered with a few friends to establish Cocktail Lab, a technique-driven libation pop-up, in 2008. Here, Ethan and his colleagues took over bars, showcasing experimental craft cocktails that differed vastly from the existing beverage menu.

In 2010, Ethan began bartending at 15 Romolo before graduating to the position of assistant general manager. He continued to hone his understanding of mixology with positions at notable San Francisco establishments that included Alembic, Comstock Saloon, Tradition, and the Slanted Door. He had the opportunity to explore the intersection of food and beverage more intimately when designing the ambitious, seasonal-themed cocktail program at fine dining restaurant AQ.

In 2015, his attention shifted towards brand ambassadorship, as he partnered with renowned mixologists Scott Baird and Josh Harris of The Bon Vivants to oversee their portfolio. Here, he worked with brands such as Tequila Ocho, Ancho Reyes, and Cynar.

At the William Tell House, Ethan oversees a menu of classic, refreshing cocktails designed to pair with summertime patio-side drinking in mind. In keeping with the Tell House’s food offerings, the cocktails demonstrate an emphasis on seasonal, native ingredients whenever possible, and beers and wines are sourced hyper-locally from Marin, Sonoma, and Napa Counties. In addition to his current role at the Tell House, Ethan is the Northern California Brand Manager for Tequila Avión.